SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of elevating the organic ranking of a web site on search engines. Organic listings, especially on the first page of Google are highly sought after as they are free and reportedly account for over 70% of traffic to product and service web sites. Our clients currently enjoy an average of over 84% of their traffic coming from organic listings.

The Top 10 "organic" search engine results get 92% of customers to click through. Page 2 results capture only 6% of customers.
The #1 position enjoys a 27.3% click through rate avg. The #10 position only gets 1.6% click through. That's a HUGE difference!

How We Do It

  • SEO Success can be defined in many ways. Some clients base it strictly on how much traffic goes to their web site, others on how well they rank in the search engines for specific key phrases and still others monitor their conversion rates as an indicator of success. None of these definitions are incorrect as each business has their own objectives. The bottom line however is you need HIGH QUALITY, RELEVANT visitors coming to your web site. You need to be found on search engines by anyone who types in key phrases that pertain to your specific product or service!
  • Choosing the correct top 5-10 key phrases to focus the campaign on is critical. It involves multiple steps of refinement after digging deep into the products and services you offer. We research the phrases you believe are best against what your competitors are using. We then investigate what the search engine algorithms say and consider the traffic and competition for each of them.
  • We gather a wide gamut of SEO (search engine optimization) intelligence on your competitors. We consider on-site and off-site search engine optimization tactics implemented such as programming, content structure, densities, positioning, web site authority, traffic stats, supporting navigation, link popularity, linking neighborhoods, supporting blogs, social networking and hundreds of other stats that combined give us the inside scoop on your competitors SEO strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to discern who your "real" competition is, or should be.
  • We investigate your own web site from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective. Most websites are written for people. But high ranking web sites are written for people and search engines. Balancing this strategy is imperative. Your website's navigtion must support your key phrases and is absolutely critical as well. Search engines don't enjoy the luxury of subjective or abstract thought so an intuative navigation heirarchy that supports your campaign's key phrase focus makes good business sense. As simple as this sounds it can be one of the most difficult things to do if your taking into consideration all of the SEO factors that weigh on these decisions.
  • On-Site SEO Strategies are employed within your web site. It may be navigation, content, programming, layout, tags or interlinks that reside in the content. The decision on how much or little "On-Site" work needs to be done will be determined based on the previous factors outlined. I.e. Define Success, key phrase Research, Competition Review and budget. Often this process is implemented in stages. However, depending on your sites current condition, this may not be the case.
  • Off-Site SEO Strategies are implemented outside of your web site. These strategies typically point back to your web site augmenting your web site's authority on the key phrases you have chosen to focus on. These may be ads, inbound links, articles, press releases, social networks, forums, web sites or hundreds of other strategies all of which build upon your "Link Popularity" and give you a boost in the search engine rankings. The quality of off-site strategies (the sites and their content) matters greatly. This is why automated software and link farms are not a good option as your web site can be penalized or even de-listed exploiting these options.
  • The results time table varies greatly based on your objectives, strategies implemented and competition. It takes time for on-site and off-site strategies to be indexed and mature within the search engine's algorithms. However, once we understand your objectives we will be able to outline an estimated time table that is realistic and offer solutions that could give you the immediate pop in traffic you need while waiting for the natural listings results to come into play. SEO resulting in natural search engine rankings can pay off big over the long haul as it allows you to move away from paid advertising if you wish!
  • Our objective is to build an ongoing SEO relationship with your company in which we monitor your SEO performance and conversion using analytics. While analytics are available to anyone, understanding and translating them into meaningful, actionalbe information is another story. We can provide easy to understand summaries on a monthly basis that points out the factors that relate to your specific objectives. And further we are able to refine the strategies we've implemented for your campaign to bring the right customers to your web site based on real information and defined conversions.

Google AdWords

Want to have your ads running on Google tomorrow? Remedysoft, Inc. is a certified Google Engage Partner and our experience can make getting set up with Google AdWords easy!