SEO -How We Do It

On-Site Strategies


On-Site SEO Strategies are any strategy that is employed within your web site. It may be navigation, content, programming, layout, tags or interlinks that reside in the content. The decision on how much or little "On-Site" work needs to be done will be determined based on the previous factors; definition of success, key phrase focus, competition, and budget. Often this process is implemented in stages. However, depending on your sites current condition, this may not be the case.

With a budget set we will be able to ascertain how much on-site work will need to be accomplished verses "off-site" work.

Once your web site is properly SEO optimized (on-site), as an added benefit you typically will enjoy better rankings in the Paid Listings or pay per click (PPC) ads as search engines strive to give the best information, even in the paid listings, to their users. It's not always the company that paid the most that is at the top of the paid listings.