SEO -How We Do It

Defining Success


SEO Success can be defined in many ways. Some clients base it strictly on how much traffic goes to their web site, others on how well they rank in the search engines for specific key phrases and still others monitor their conversion rates as an indicator of success.

None of these definitions are incorrect as each business has their own objectives. The bottom line however is you need HIGH QUALITY, RELEVANT visitors coming to your web site. You need to be found on search engines by anyone who types in key phrases that pertain to your specific product or service!

Success does not typically come overnight. SEO is the process of elevating the organic ranking of a web site on search engines, however search engines are specifically written to stop the manipulation of their rankings. So our job is to help them understand why your web site should be listed in the top results for your specific key phrases. With our balanced, "White Hat" approach we've been able to get many of our clients in the top positions for multiple key phrases in multiple industries and while there is never a guarantee, our track record speaks for itself.

SEO is a process. The SEO process includes On-Site strategies and Off Site strategies that all have to be given time to mature and come

SEO -How We Do It

fruition. These strategies and the web pages they are focused on have to be indexed by Google and other major search engines before you'll see positive movement towards the top. Often during this SEO gestation we'll suggest, and or assist you with putting together a strategic, short term PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign to help you get immediate results while we're waiting for the free natural listings to come around.

We don't believe that PPC should be the center of any search engine campaign!

Our definition of Success includes your web site being listed prominently in the natural FREE listings!

Expectations and Budget. The budget is often dictated by the amount of competition in your area of business and the key phrases you are wanting to rank for. This is an area we can help you understand as well.

Our objective will be to completely understand your business needs and to help you define a realistic definition of success and the type of budget that will sustain that success!