The Top 10 "organic" search engine results get 92% of customers to click through.

Page 2 results capture only 6% of customers.

SEO Marketing

Being Top 10 Matters

The way to the top of the natural listings is a well balanced strategic plan and good old fashioned hard work!

Remedysoft, Inc. has been assisting both large and small businesses obtaining unbelievable SEO results for both products and services. We have taken the smallest of companies and assisted them in beating the manufacturers of the products they carry in the search engine listings. It's not how big you are, it's how good you are at SEO!

Our methods start with the basic outline listed below. It's hard work and it takes time but it can pay off big.

  1. Define Success related to your business
  2. Key Phrase Research & Strategic Selection
  3. Competition Assessment
  4. Web Site Review for SEO
  5. Organize On-Site Strategies
  6. Organize Off-Site Strategies
  7. Execution Time Table
  8. Monitoring and Analytical Reporting
  9. Refinement and Content Growth