SEO -How We Do It

Website Review


Our next step is to do a complete review of your web site from an SEO perspective. An important concept to remember is web sites that excel in the natural listings for competitive key phrases are typically written for both the users and the search engines. The information that they both look at is very different and equally important so a balanced SEO approach is imperative.

We start by taking a look at the programming of your site and navigation structure. Besides the title, meta, alt and ID tags (which are important as well), the first and second levels of your navigation tell the search engines as well as your clients a great deal about your web site. The selection of the key phrases for these navigation items is extremely important as they have to be intuitive, short and yet clearly explain what the user and the search engine will find by following the link. They have to build upon each other enhancing your target key phrase(s) utilizing a practical path as search engines don't enjoy the luxury of subjective or abstract thought. And even though your customers do, it just makes good business sense to have a logical and simple navigational path to follow. As simple as this sounds it can be one of the most difficult things to do if your taking into consideration all of the SEO factors that weigh on this decision.

Knowing these factors is our business and we'd love the opportunity to assist you in these decisions!