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Competition Assessment


You may be surprised to find out that your competition is not always who you think it is when it comes to internet marketing for the key phrase(s) you're targeting. The competitors for the top 10 (or less) organic spots may be companies that are not even selling the same product(s) or service(s) as you. They may be focused on a completely different target clientele. For instance, in the storage industry, the key word "storage" is used for many different types of marketing. It could be products for hard drive storage, closet shelving, organization products, methods for storage or even storage sheds. With this example there are over 555,000,000 results with hundreds of self storage companies battling for the top spots and yet all of these other "Storage" types are typically displayed as well.

With this in mind, having our professional SEO specialists take a cold hard look at who you believe is your competition and who is competing for your target key phrases is imperative!

We take a look at many factors with regards to these competitors. We assess what search engine optimization tactics they currently employ, their onsite programing optimization, key phrase content structure, key word densities, key word positioning, website and web page authority, traffic stats, navigation structure, inbound link popularity, linking neighborhoods, supporting blogs, social network connections and hundreds of other statistics that give us the inside scoop on their SEO strengths and weaknesses.

It's our belief that if you're going to battle, it makes good sense to bring the right SEO weapon!