Web Hosting

Web Hosting Support

When choosing a web hosting company it's imperative to consider the support systems that are in place. Remedysoft, Inc. offers a unique combination of support for web hosting accounts that eliminates support weaknesses by overlapping support strategies.

  • Trouble Ticket Support
    Create support tickets 24/7 as needed which are directed to the pertinent overlapping support departments and personnel below.

  • Phone Support
    Company support representatives who have root access to the hosting servers and are available to discuss your support issues with you and implement immediate changes when able. *

  • Server Admins (On-Site)
    Server Administrators who are on location with the servers working 24/7 and are on location with the servers.

  • Server Admins (3rd Party Off-Site)
    Off-site group of professional sever administrators who monitor and support the Remedysoft, Inc. hosting server arrays 24/7. They have root access and have a dedicated response time of 10 minutes to known issues. **

When comparing support between hosting companies please remember that most web hosting companies focus merely on support ticket systems and use off shore representatives to filter non-critical calls if they accept them at all. These representatives typically have little, if any access to the servers themselves.

Our Outside Agency, Off Site Server Support is novel in the industry adding an additional layer of 24/7 outside accountibility and support. Because this entity is not part of the larger hosting company or the hosting facility conglomoarate transparency is ensured with regards to reporting and resolving issues quickly. Expidited solutions are ensured as they are dedicated to resolving only the Remedysoft, Inc. support needs so they will never be overywhelmed by large scale issues that large hosting facilities might be exposed to where thousands of support issues are sent to the onsite techs.