Web Hosting

The Inside Scoop on $3 Web Hosting

Every wonder how big web hosting companies can offer web hosting for $3 to 5 dollars a month. You should if you’re running a business! There are two revenue models in web hosting. “The Cattle Boat” or the “True Business Web Hosting” “The Cattle Boat” model focuses on getting as many clients as possible on one size fits all inexpensive servers to make a profit. They promise unlimited space, bandwidth and every other possible feature knowing that most clients will never use a fraction of what was promised and those who do may be terminated as clients. As you can imagine, this approach is susceptible to viruses, attacks and bandwidth competition as there are so many accounts on each server.

With Remedysoft’s “True Business Web Hosting” the focus is placed on superior servers with very few accounts on each resulting in extremely low loads increasing stability and speed while decreasing risks from malicious attacks. Our personal attention to your company’s specific web hosting needs on a proactive basis is just one of the attributes are current clients enjoy.