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business-woman-02A "Corporate Identity" web site focuses on getting across your company’s message to the world!

They do not typically involve E-commerce or content management and the design may be clean, simple, elegant, professional, trendy, hi-tech or any other flavor you can dream of.

Budgets can vary wildly based on the level of customization and the time spent on design but typically a corporate identity web site is one of the least expensive web sites to develop because it is not database driven and does not require a complete back end to administer. A Corporate Identity web site may utilize any blend of technologies and programming languages based on your companies specific needs.

The Remedysoft 6 Step web development process has proven to be the best development path eliminating many of the difficulties of revisions and change orders which can affect the overall budget and development time. Read more about the 6 Step web development process.

  1. Investigate and Listen
  2. Development Path & Estimate
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Content
  6. Maintenance

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