DNI Master

D N I Master

Dynamic Phone Number Insertion

Joomla 3.x Component

DNI Master is a Joomla Component that allows your web site telephone number displayed to change based on the link your customer used (URL) to access your web site. DNI stands for (Dynamic Number Insertion). This allows you to monitor your call conversions for every one of your advertisements letting you know which ones are working and which one don’t.

DNI Master allows you to set up as many phone numbers as you like associating each with a small string added to the URL.

Example: http://www.remedysoft.com?GooglePPC

Use any Inbound Call Tracking service you like to obtain phone numbers and provide reports and monitoring. Many even allow call recording so you can review your sales reps performance.

DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion)

The DNI component also includes an optional “Contact Us” button that can be displayed alongside the dynamic telephone number. This button is completely customizable and can be linked to any URL on or off your web site.

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