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Ogranic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an art. And while there are plenty of SEO "101" tips on the web most professional SEO experts would never let go of their closest held secrets and strategies. We have been successfully gaining FIRST PAGE results on Google in the free organic listings for our clients for over 10 years. While there are never guaratees and results can take time, the results that have come have been amazing!

Organic SEO Strategy


Being #1 Matters!

If you're already on Page 1 of Google results, Congratulations but its still not enough and here's why.

The average results from two major studies on click through ratios show that the number 1 ORGANIC search engine listing enjoyed a 27.3% click through rate verses the #10 position only had 1.6%.

Remedysoft, Inc. utilizes "white hat" tactics to get your web site to the top!


How To Get There

The way to the top of the natural listings is a well balanced strategic plan and good old fashioned hard work!

Remedysoft, Inc. has been assisting both large and small businesses obtaining unbelievable SEO results for both products and services. We have taken the smallest of companies and assisted them in beating the manufacturers of the products they carry in the search engine listings. It's not how big you are, it's how good you are at SEO!

Our methods start with the basic outline listed below. It's hard work and it takes time but it can pay off big.

  1. Define Success related to your business
  2. Key Phrase Research & Strategic Selection
  3. Competition Assessment
  4. Web Site Review for SEO
  5. Organize On-Site Strategies
  1. Organize Off-Site Strategies
  2. Execution Time Table
  3. Monitoring and Analytical Reporting
  4. Refinement and Content Growth

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