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I have a hosting account, now how do I set up email?
A step by step guide with links to detailed information. 

Typically email accounts are hosted on the same acount as your web site. Your hosting account with Remedysoft, Inc. is no different. If however, you use Microsoft Exchange, go to Alternative Email Systems below.

  • Set up Email Accounts
    Email accounts are easily set up by going to the Web Hosting Control Panel.
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  • Connecting to your email account with email clients
    Programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail and Smart Phones are Email Clients. They read email from your email account on our servers. So for these to work you'll need to make adjustments to their settings so they can send and receive email from our servers. If you log into into our web mail system there is a feature called "Configure Mail Client" that can either assist you or completely automate the process. Simple click "Configure Mail Client" and you'll see a list of the clients that can be auto configured and below that the manual setting values to enter if auto configuration is not an option. Please click here to see additional information on configuration.

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Alternative Email Systems

If you use Microsoft Exchange, Gmail or any other alternative email solutions this is not a problem. You can continue to use these solutions by merely making an MX entry with your domain name registrar. If you had the alternative email system in place prior to your move to Remedysoft, Inc. hosting then no changes with your domain MX entries will be necessary. We will however want to add an MX entry on our servers as well so that any mail coming from internal sources will go to your alternative email system as well. This can be done via your Web Hosting Control Panel by clicking "MX Entry" link in the "Mail " category. If you need assitance with this please don't hesitate to contact us.

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